Article 27 Compliance Services

Not all representatives are equal. Learn why location within the EU matters. **UPDATED based on Nov. 2019 EDPB Guidelines **

Considering outsourcing your DPO and representative to the same company?  You'll want to reconsider after reading why companies cannot have DPO and representative services from the same provider.

Concerned about Brexit?  Learn about our No-Risk Offer for UK clients.

We know GDPR compliance can be complex and involves more than having an EU representative. Learn how our referral partners can fulfill all your privacy compliance needs.

Why do I need

an EU representative?

Article 27 of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) generally requires that every company which regularly collects personal data about individuals in the EU have a representative within the EU. 


This means that if you do not have an office or other presence in the EU, this function needs to be outsourced to an agent, such as EUPR.

** BREXIT ALERT **   Many UK companies doing business with individuals in the EU will need an EU representative if the UK leaves the EU with a "no deal" Brexit (and perhaps with some "deals").  The UK ICO has published guidance reminding companies about this serious obligation.

While Brexit entails uncertainty, EUPR offers certainty for its UK clients:

  • If you retain our services and a Brexit plan is adopted that does not require an EU representative during the term of your agreement, you can ask us to cancel your agreement and refund your standard fee.  We'll honor your request with no questions asked.


What if I do

not get a representative?

A company could be subject to administrative penalties up to the greater of €10,000,000 or 2% of its revenue in the preceding year, just for failing to appoint a representative.

A regulator could also issue a stop processing order, essentially mandating that you shut down your business for EU customers due to GDPR non-compliance.

Don't risk this significant threat to your business.


Why is EUPR

the right representative for me?

EUPR prides itself on offering unbeatable compliance and value.


We are a professional services firm located in the European Union (Germany and Latvia) specifically founded to serve as a GDPR Article 27 representative.  Our services were designed by international privacy attorneys to ensure compliance.


In addition to working directly with companies, we also specialize in assisting law firms and consultants that need to source an EU representative for their clients.  

An overview of what we provide:

  • Valid written agreement designating EUPR as our client's Article 27 representative

  • Dedicated, auditable contact email address for our client's EU data subject's (customers) and regulator's inquiries                (e.g.,

  • Multi-lingual support – we will receive and acknowledge inquiries in any EU language

  • Secure storage of our client's GDPR Article 30 data processing records

  • U.S. and E.U.-based customer service

  • VALUE – only €500 per year for our standard services

Finally, we know achieving GDPR compliance entails more than having a representative.  We can help our clients fulfill all their privacy compliance needs.


We maintain relationships with trusted premier data protection practitioners who can evaluate your GDPR compliance readiness, advise on the measures necessary to fulfill your duties, and assist with any issues that may arise. 


Our referral partners include international law and consulting firms, such as the ones listed below.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding their services and if we can help make an introduction.

Cobalt - Law Firm
Schellman - Privacy Assessments/Certifications

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